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Free Spirit

A modern fairy tale of a Lavish girl and her magical kingdom
Liana Rose is a young storyteller in love with a world of beauty, glamour and enchantment. She stars as the ‘Lavish’ girl in her very own fairy tale, The Land of Lavish. In this kingdom, people dream, dress up and never cease to embody sparkle. Seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, Liana takes her audience on a magical voyage through fashion, beauty and wanderlust. Let the enchantment begin.

A Story
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away – The Land of Lavish – stood an alluring world of whimsy. Deep within its enchanted forest lived a Lavish girl full of grace, charm and mystery. She spent her days frolicking in the lush green woods, foraging wild berries for extravagant tea parties, and creating majestic trinkets for her wild creature companions that ruled the night as kings and queens. “To all that come to this enchanting land, welcome!” said the Lavish girl. “Here you enter a world of dreams, fashion fantasy and infinite possibilities.”

Flowers, foxes, swans and butterflies danced merrily out of excitement for the Lavish girl’s style adventures across the kingdom.