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How To Be A Princess

Australia / 18 May 2016

How To Be A Princess

Princesses are graceful, kind and courageous. They love their kingdom with all their heart and let their beauty shine from within. To be a princess is to live a dream come true, to wear a crown with utmost pride and to let kindness be the guiding light towards making the world a magical place. 

♫  ♪ Kings Landing ~ Dimos Stathoulis

You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Ball tonight, and to help get you ready, here are ten enchanting lessons on how to release your true inner princess!

How To Be A Princess

1. Be Young Hearted
Have a young, loving heart. Upon waking, think of all the wonderful things you are grateful for, like flowers and sunshine. Each day is a gift, open it and explore enchantingly.

2. Radiate Beauty
Get ready to live your dream come true. Princesses always try to look their best, so pamper yourself and have fun with makeup. Apply mascara, blush or lipstick to enhance your favourite features. Be gentle, natural beauty’s the loveliest.

3. Make Wishes
Wish often and dream the improbable. Cast wishes on dandelions and stars, but don’t wait for fairy godmother to come around. As Walt Disney once said, “You have to think, believe, dream, and dare.” Go out into the world and make miracles happen.

4. Wear A Crown
Always hold your head up high and wear a crown with utmost pride. Good posture is very important so stand tall, keep your shoulders back and walk gracefully. Let your sparkly treasure represent your power within. After all, it’s not the tiara that makes the princess, it’s her kind soul.

5. Have Courage
Be brave and courageous, and fight for peace in your kingdom. Don’t let the cruel break your spirit, monsters are just dreamers with broken hearts, helpless, wanting our love. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and remember A.A. Milne’s wise words, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

6. Dress Ladylike 
Be ladylike and dress up in delightfully girly fashion. Pair your glittery heels and ball gown with a charming smile. Words of advice: poise and elegance are forever in style.

7. Spread Kindness 
Kindness is a very important princess quality, and you must work on being kinder to others and yourself. Do good deeds, make friends with woodland animals and respect nature entirely. Random acts of kindness bring light into the world, you can make a difference.

8. Host A Tea Party
Have a royal tea party with all of your princess friends. Decorate a secret garden and serve oh-so-sweet delicacies like strawberries, lavender scones and miniature sandwiches.  Pinkies up.

9. Create Your Own Destiny
Be the hero of your life and create your own destiny. Fate lives within us, so pave your path and stay curious and open. A world of wonder awaits.

10. Live Happily Ever After
Go to the ball, find Prince charming, set your heart on fire and live passionately in your own fairytale. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. May you live, magically and happily ever after.

Click the play button below to watch my princess lessons in motion and discover more videos on my YouTube channel HERE, I'd love for you to join my fairytale adventures there!

Some girls are born princesses and others become them, but we all start somewhere. Being a true princess is more than marrying a prince, learning manners and wearing sparkly dresses. It’s about believing in your dreams, chasing magic, spreading kindness and moving forward with a passionate spirit.

I hope you enjoyed hearing these tips on how to be a princess. What do you believe is the most important princess quality? Please comment below, I’d love to hear, and stay magical!

With love, Liana

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