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Fiji / 13 November 2015

Postcards from Fiji

Glowing turquoise waters, salty air, shimmering white shorelines and fresh coconuts. Voyaging Fiji - the land of eternal sunshine - felt like a vague summers dreams. Only it was real life, and I never felt more alive and free.

♫  ♪  Vance Joy ~ Great Summer

Bulla. I hope you are in the mood for sun, sand and sea because today The Land of Lavish takes you on a tropical voyage to Fiji! Over 300 islands set in crystal clear waters with palm-fringed white sandy beaches make Fiji a picture-perfect holiday destination. When I arrived in Nadi, Fiji, I was immediately greeted with spectacular ocean scenery, beautiful sunsets, friendly locals and the bluest of skies. There is something for every piece of your soul in Fiji, and with salt in my hair and sand between my toes, it was the perfect sunny holiday. 

Now it is time to set sail on an island getaway to Fiji! Escape and never look back. 

Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji

Monuriki 'Castaway' Island
First off, I visited the dreamy Monuriki Island as part of South Sea Cruises’ Seaspray Sailing Adventure. This deserted island is best known for its feature in Hollywood film ‘Castaway’ starring Tom Hanks. When I saw the vivid turquoise waters that surround Monuriki, I knew that the pristine little haven was in reach. I went ashore and explored the island where one can snorkel the colourful reefs, soak up the sun on the white sand beach, read a book under a coconut tree or simply breathe in all the beauty that surrounds. I now treasure these moments of calmness, moments of pure bliss.

Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji

Fiji islands helicopter tour
When in Fiji, one must admire the pristine islands from above! I ventured on an Island Hoppers scenic tour of Fiji. It was my first helicopter experience, and the entire flight was filled with most breathtaking scenery. A highlight was seeing Tavarua Island, South Pacific’s heart shaped island.  

Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji

Octopus Resort, Waya Island
Another way to spend your day is to have a taste of luxury and relax at the lavish Octopus Resort located on Waya Island. As soon as I swept ashore to the majestic Octopus, I was greeted with a delicious fresh papaya juice that tasted like a tropical dream. I then explored the island (there is a tropical jungle too), relaxed on a beachfront bungalow and sipped some fresh coconut water as I dazed out into the glowing ocean. 

Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji Postcards from Fiji

Looking back on my trip to Fiji, I’m so happy to have explored this beautiful country. When you are in this island haven, time really does stand still as you soak up its beauty. I hope you enjoyed #TheLavishVoyage to Fiji, be sure to watch my video diary above to see Fiji’s beauty in motion. What destination is at the top of your travel bucket list? I’d love to hear in the comments, and, always, stay magical!

With love, Liana

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