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Australia / 16 October 2015

A thousand dreams within me softly speak. Cherry blossoms are flowering. Bees and ladybugs are dancing. Springtime magic has begun. I am standing here in the kingdom and all I can see is the flowering trees, the grass, and the sky. It is effortless to breathe.

♫  ♪  Lana Del Ray ~ Once Upon A Dream

Today The Land of Lavish reveries about springtime, a season full of beauty, charm and romance.  A time to wander, to breathe new dreams and dress up in uber~feminine fashion.  Nature always inspires me, and it somehow makes its way in my wardrobe, be it a floral printed skirt or girly flower halo. The prettier the better! In this style story I’m wearing a blossom embellished mini dress from Chi Chi London. Its intricate floral detailing is really exquisite, and it makes me want to daydream and twirl under the cherry blossom trees where the bluebirds fly. I’m accessorising with a delicate hair vine kindly gifted to me from Bells and Birds, a luxe bridal accessories store in Singapore. Adorned with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals and a silk blossom, this handcrafted Aino design makes the most enchanting spring hair accessory, perfect for the upcoming racing season! Now it’s time to spring dream.   

“Breathing dreams like air.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald 

All the cherry blossoms are now falling, falling with the soft majestic air. I hope you enjoyed today’s blossom-filled style story and that it’s beautiful where you are. Stay magical!

With love, Liana

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