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Australia / 5 August 2015

Fairy Whispers

Deep within the enchanted kingdom, there is a magic place where all the fairies hide. Guarded by a mighty dragon, to enter one must follow the mystical hymn of nearby bluebirds to the secret passageway. A rustle in the wind lets you know you've arrived; some say it's a fairy whisper. 

♫  ♪  Gabrielle Aplin ~ Alive 

I was always a curious girl, and it seems that my curiosity keeps leading me down new and undiscovered paths. Among the broken and bare trees of wintertime, I found a fairy-like realm overflowing with wildly wonderful flowers. The lilac blossoms were so delicate that their perfume seemed almost elusive.  Simply hypnotizing. 

Today The Land of Lavish returns to fashion fantasy with my ‘Fairy Whispers’ style story. In a magical realm of flowers, I’m feeling like a wonderland princess of the forest in my girly ensemble. My lilac ball dress is from ASOS and I adore it so much. It is daintily sprinkled with floral embroideries, has a modern cut-out design feature and makes me want to twirl.  I’m walking through mystical pathways in my ASOS ‘Heartthrob’ heeled sandals that have a holographic finish and faceted bead trim. For statement shoes, they surprisingly look perfect with any outfit; they always add a little sparkle. I am accessorising with my most cherished pearl ring from Les Néréides, a quintessentially French brand that I discovered in Galleries Lafayette whilst voyaging Paris, France. With fanciful designs that often feature flowers, nature, animals and fruit detailing, wearing a piece from Les Néréides always adds much needed whimsy to any outfit.  Now, you are cordially invited to explore the fairy wonderland!

Fairy Whispers Fairy Whispers Fairy Whispers

“Faeries come take me out of this dull world. For I would ride with you upon the wind, run on the top of the dishevelled tide, and dance upon the mountains like a flame.” ~ William Butler Yeats

Fairy Whispers Fairy Whispers Fairy Whispers Fairy Whispers

This faraway land of flowers is where fairy magic sparkles and ladybugs dance enchantingly to the prettiest melodies. It’s also a place for the young hearted to dream, so if you make it down fairy lane, don’t forget to bring your imagination. Stay magical!

With love, Liana

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