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France / 4 March 2015

Walking along the twists and turns of Château de Versailles is enchanting. Upon entering the royal French domain, I had a fluttering feeling in my stomach, butterflies, as I was soon to traverse time into a golden dream. The kind with opulent gateways, hypnotic Hall of Mirrors and extravagant gardens. 

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Today at The Land of Lavish I am delighted to welcome you on a truly grand voyage to the Palace of Versailles, France. As one of the most emblematic locations in French history, visiting the château was on the top of my Parisian bucket list so I hopped on a train from Paris en route to Versailles! 

There I arrived, at the most breathtaking location imaginable: The Palace of Versailles. Upon entering, I was greeted with a perfectly ornate golden gateway that beamed ever so brightly in the morning light.  The magic begins here.

Journeying the royal château, I was instantly mesmerised by the overwhelming beauty and history to discover. Versailles, the seat of power until 1789, has continued to unfurl its splendour over the course of centuries. At first, the site began as Louis XIII's hunting lodge but Louis XIV transformed it into the palace we know today.

Travel back in time to a period of royal opulence and discover my collection of photographs I captured whilst wondering through Versailles.

Next I began making my way through the seemingly endless interconnecting salons, the royal chapel and the Hall of Mirrors designed by Mansart, where the king pit his most ostentatious display of royal power in order to impress visitors. Gold is ubiquitous, a reference to Louis XIV, the 'Sun King'.

I then voyaged through chateau gardens and their vast geometries. The parkland, with its rectangular divisions and secret gardens is spectacular. I even met a friendly cat that come out from a tree-lined garden and approached me. 

Exploring the spectacular ground of Versailles was an otherwordly experience. There was enough beauty, opulence and lavishness to make one wistful for years to come. If you would love to see Versailles in motion, please watch the above video documenting my day trip.  I hope that you enjoyed today's voyage! 

With love, Liana. 

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