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England / 1 September 2014

London, England. The city of theatre. The city of fashion. The city of history. All around the globe, millions of people long to explore this wonderful city. London is home to some of the most iconic attractions in the world — from Buckingham Palace and the red telephone box, to Big Ben and Harrods. So how did The Lavish Girl end up in the United Kingdom? Indulging on traditional sweets and walking down cobblestone paths to the most beautiful spots in London? Well, it all started after she marched through the Golden Gateway

London Calling by The Land of Lavish

Enter Chapter Two of "The Lavish Voyage: The Lavish Girl's Quests in the Wondrous World" and let the London journey begin!

London Calling by The Land of Lavish

Chapter 2: London Calling

After many years of fantasising about faraway places, it was time for The Lavish Girl to enter the great unknown, the wondrous world. Her dreams were finally arriving. Little did she know that her first destination would soon be in reach. Armed with a timeworn map, gingham carrier and newly found expedition tickets, the curious girl was on a mission. “I want to find a big city full of beauty, charm and adventure to explore,” said The Lavish Girl. 

London Calling by The Land of Lavish

London Calling by The Land of Lavish
That evening, The Lavish Girl began her search for the great city. She walked and walked, and her eyelids grew heavy. Enchanted by the red glow of a street lined with trees and black cabs, she walked further. “I see the red light! It is all around me. I’m in London!” said The Lavish Girl. And with burning excitement, she hopped onto a one-of-a-kind double-decker, big red bus to voyage the great London.

London Calling by The Land of Lavish

For the curious: London Facts
  • London draws around 15.3 million international tourists each year; that's more than any other city on the planet!
  • There are 23,578 jewels stored within the Tower of London, worth an estimated £20 billion.
  • Around 230 languages are spoken in London, and there are a wealth of different cultures and communities living throughout the capital.
  • London is Europe's best shopping destination, according to the Globe Shopper City Index. 
  • London's history stretches back over thousands of years and the city boasts four World Heritage Sites: the Palace of Westminister and Westminister Abbey, the Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

 “I see the red light! It is all around me. I’m in London!” — The Land of Lavish

I hope that everyone is excited for the London voyage ahead. Cheerio! 

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