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15 August 2014

Voyaging the world is a magnificent happening in our lives. We find ourselves delightfully surprised by the new towns we visit and the foreign cultures we immerse ourselves in. Somehow, we find ourselves unpleasantly faced with a fashion or travel emergency that we wish a fairy-godmother could resolve. The moments of, "Oh no! I wish I had a . . . safety pin, spare memory card and a comfortable pair of shoes."  Keep calm and travel on, a voyage wish kit will cast your fashion problems away.

The Lavish Voyage

“Oh no! I broke my nail! I wish I had a nail file.”

In preparing you for exciting new dreams and adventures, today at The Land of Lavish I am happy to be sharing a do-it-yourself emergency travel kit for fashionable globetrotters. It will provide you much needed stress release when, “Oh No! I wish I had a [fill in the blank].” My wish kit contains 20 little essentials keeping me poised, smart and elegant for all my voyages in the wondrous world. Here are my DIY Darling recommendations on what to include, and feel free to tailor your own wish kit to suit your travel needs. 

The Lavish Voyage
Pictured Wish Kit Contains: Brooks Brothers floral  case. John Lewis repair kit. Frends ‘Ella B’ earbuds. Band-Aid strips. Nordstrom nail file. Maybelline Salon Manicure topcoat. Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer remover. Emi-Jay hair ties. Dettol hand sanitiser. Swarovski USB memory stick. Burt’s Bees lip balm with pink grapefruit. Mophie Juice Pack. Lady Jane bobby pins. Sandisk SD card. Elizabeth Arden ‘Red Door Red’ lipstick. Forever 21 compact mirror. Butter Menthol lozenges. Kleenex to-go tissues. Oral-B dental floss. Hollywood stain removing pen. Bag from Modcloth

The Lavish List: Voyage Wish Kit 
1. Sewing Kit
A miniature sewing kit containing a safety pin, needle and thread (black and white) can help you quickly fix fashion emergencies. Those loose buttons on shirts, undone lining on jackets and even splinters can be mended. 

2. Headphones 
Add earphones to your travel kit and listen to your favourite tunes whilst abroad. It can help pass time when waiting in the long queue to, say, the world famous Louvre Museum or Disneyland. 

3. Bandage
From wearing ultra-fashionable sandals to the most comfortable boots, we sometimes find ourselves with blisters after hours of sightseeing. A clear bandage is essential for those moments of, “Ouch! My feet hurt.” 

4. Money
Fold up a small bill and keep extra change in your kit, especially if you are a credit card user. 

5. Nail file 
Keep your manicure immaculate with a miniature nail file. This tool can beautifully smooth and shape your nails when you are on the go, especially when you break a nail. 

6. Clear nail polish
Clear nail polish is more than a speedy top coat. It is a multi-purpose product that can fix many fashion emergencies such as stopping runs in stockings, keeping buttons from popping off, and relieving the itch of a bug bite. 

7. Instant Nail Polish Remover 
Easily remove nail polish and condition your cuticles with nail polish remover pads. They are a no fuss way to remove nail polish when travelling. 

8. Hair Tie 
Create an elegant ponytail or chic messy bun when your hair suddenly decides to have a bad hair day. 

9. Hand Sanitiser 
A moisturising antimicrobial hand sanitiser promotes skin health and kills up to 99% of germs with regular use. No rinsing required. 

10. USB Flash Drive 
Carry a trusty USB flash drive with you to store data, photos and videos. . . in a pinch. 

11. Lip Balm
Heal, repair and moisturise dry or chapped lips with your favourite lip balm. I am currently loving Burt’s Bees Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit as it offers protection from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. 

12. Portable Mobile Charger
With the amount of texting, internet surfing, instagramming and tweeting everyone does, a reliable, portable mobile phone charger is an essential to avoid that inevitable dead battery. 

13. Hair Pin
You can never have too many spare bobby pins in your kit as (somehow?) one always goes missing. 

14. Camera Memory Card 
Load up your camera with plenty of data space with a spare memory card. In my wish kit, I carry an 8GB secure digital (SD) card to last me throughout the day whilst exploring new cities. 

15. Red Lipstick 
Red lipstick is classic, elegant and glamorous. When you are in need of a quick revamp, apply a red lipstick. It can help take your look from day to night. 

16. Mirror
To help you apply that ravishing red lip colour onto your lips, use a compact makeup mirror, or better yet, a lighted compact makeup mirror. 

17. Cough Lolly 
Soothe your sore throat with a medicated lozenge. I love NestlĂ©’s honey-centred Butter Menthol to relieve sore throats and stuffy noses. 

18. Pocket Tissues
A spare tissue always comes in handy when you have a runny nose in cold, icy temperatures. Especially when you jet off to a snowy New York at Christmastime. 

19. Dental Floss
Quickly run off to the ladies room and make your smile picture perfect with some dental flossing.  

20. Stain Remover 
Last but not least, add a stain removal pen to your travel kit to remove unwanted marks on the go. The nifty pen works well on tea, wine, juice, chocolate, sauce, and coffee.  

We have now come to the end of the 20 fashion and travel emergency fixers that I carry in my voyage wish kit.

{image sources: one via Fashion Gone Rogue, two via The Berry}

What would your travel wish kit contain? Let me know in the comments section. And remember, preparation is crucial for lavish voyaging!  

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  1. What a lovely list. I most certainly always have red lipstick, earphones/music player, dental floss, mobile charger and lip balm in my travel kit at all times. I also love to pack a tiny/small notebook with accompanying pen, as well as business cards, a rollerball perfume, oil blotting sheets and multi purpose moisturizer/balm (for freshening up).

    1. Hello, your travel wish kit sounds great! I will have to update my kit to include a rollerball perfume, perfect for travelling!