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7 August 2014

Travelling glamorously makes voyages that much more magnificent, that much more enlivening. We have all heard the endless nostalgia for the luxurious Golden Age of Flying, a time where travel was an occasion to look elegant, poised and put together. Placing their best foot forward, 1950's travelers sashayed with an air of excitement as they explored new territories. A trip was a special treat, a glittering new adventure. 

The Lavish Voyage
The Eiffel Tower for Louis Vuitton by Jacques Henri Lartigue, 1978

“This heart of mine was made to travel the world. A glamorous suitcase, all essentials neatly in place. A camera. A notebook. A hat. Good shoes. A flouncy (tulle?) skirt for splendid shopping adventures. And a basket full of berries for the occasional mountainside picnic.”   
–  The Lavish Girl

Today at The Land of Lavish, I am delighted to be sharing my Lavish List for travelling stylishly for your next adventure in the wondrous world. From weekend retreats and business trips to tropical escapes and globetrotting, you can be both glamorous and organised, the ultimate lavish style desire. Here are my top 10 tips to help you become a smart and fashionable traveller. 

The Lavish List: Travelling Stylishly 
1. Make a list
This may seem basic, but plan your outfits ahead. I love dreaming about the glamorous ensembles that I’ll be wearing on my next voyage, and making a list can really help narrow down outfit options for different occasions – daytime sightseeing, afternoon shopping, evening dinners and midnight outings. Whether you love structure and plan your outfits on a spreadsheet or are more of a visual person and use iPhone apps like Stylebook, decide on the outfits that you will wear and add accessories to complete your look. And always, travel light! 

2. Colour coordination 
Stick within a small colour palette so you can easily mix and match your outfits. I make thoughtful choices of the colours and tones that I will be wearing based on the season and weather of the destination. For summer, I love wearing dusty pinks, beige, creams and auburn, and in winter, greys, black and burgundy. Colour coordinating your outfits can help you eliminate that flouncy lavender skirt that will probably not work with your selected colour theme.  

3. Itemised cases 
Use separate travel cases to store your makeup, toiletries, accessories and electrical tools. I adore Ted Baker’s darling wash bags for makeup and skincare as they come in the prettiest colours and patterns, have a range of sizes to suit your travel needs and are highly functional. You can also use travel jewellery cases to store your favourite jewels, and portable charger packs to keep your technological devices organised and untangled. 

4. Mini appliances 
Be stylishly smart and get a travel steamer and mini lint-roller. These little tools can come in handy in the most unforeseeable fashion disasters, real lifesavers. So remember this tip and prepare for the worse. 

5. Accessorise 
Select a few statement-making fashion accessories to change the look of an outfit whilst travelling. Whether it is a red belt for a much-needed pop of colour, an oversized necklace for some wow-factor, or a great shoe, accessories can completely reinvent your look. 

6. Compactor bags 
Use compactor bags to compress your bulky clothes. Especially useful for travelling in colder climates, compression sacks can help you squeeze the air out of heavy items and stay within the weight limit of luggage requirements. When jet setting, I also recommend that you wear your heaviest clothes, be it your classy trench coat or beloved over-the-knee boots, and if you can’t risk any items getting lost, carry them onboard. 

7. Plan for souvenirs 
Leave some room in your luggage for souvenirs and gifts from your visits. Seeing new things, discovering hidden treasures and visiting historical attractions, travelling is a special experience. The memories (and lavish wardrobe additions) stay with us forever.  

8. Personalised luggage 
Use chic luggage tags to personalise your suitcase or carry-on. These leather luggage tags with a gold buckle are designed for engraving personal messages. Also, tie ribbons in the colour of your choice (pink?) onto your luggage to help you spot your case on the conveyer belt. 

9. Stylish toolbox 
Create a ‘fashion emergency fixers’ style pouch. Don’t say bon voyage until you pack safety pins, a brooch, stain-removal pens, a small pair of scissors, bandages, and shoe insoles. Make sure that your clothes fit appropriately and are holiday-ready well in advance.  

10. Travel journal 
Carry a travel notebook with you on your adventures. I am always inspired by the places I visit, the music I hear and the exotic foods that I taste, so I can quickly jot down my musings with a handy little travel journal. You never know when small details about your adventures will come in use again. 

{image sources: one via Pleasure Photo, two via Everyone’s Looking for Love, three via Miss Moss}

So there you have it, my Lavish List for travelling both glamorously and efficiently. I wonder how the glamour girls of the fifties travelled so effortlessly chic.  

What travel tips do you swear by? Let me know in the comment section below. And remember, travel stylishly! 

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