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9 May 2014

Little red riding hood, Cinderella and Snow White, there is a kind of magicness about the world of enchantment in fairytales. Tripping through the shady woods of a summer morning in a little red cape, riding in a pumpkin carriage to the castle ball, and the fairest of them all singing happily to the Seven Dwarfs, the memories of the tales that we once fell fast asleep to stay with us forever. 

"Remember. You're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." - Snow White

Walt Disney inspired us to “Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.” His words of wisdom are lovingly written in my 365 Days Journal from Kikki.K’s Uppsala collection. The pretty-in-pink design with gold-foil detailing inspires all to put pen to paper, and record thoughts, inspiration and ideas. With the loveliest bouquet of roses tied with silk ribbon, polaroid-like photos of the Disney princesses, and my DIY Alice in Wonderland inspired “Drink Me Teacup” (tutorial here), let’s return to the magic of our childhood dreams.

"Live like there's no midnight." - Cinderella

{image credits: The Lavish Girl}

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend overflowing with magic and dreams.

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