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7 April 2014

Dream-like and magical, the House of Dior orchestrates an empire of elegance, excellence and luxury. This world is presented in Inspiration Dior, a lavish volume illuminating sixty years of the Dior spirit. Moving from its 1947 “New Look” collection that revolutionised the female silhouette to John Galliano’s poetic 2005 Haute Couture show, Inspiration Dior is a portal to the captivating Dior style that has been loved for decades. 

Genius cannot be measured. It is a gift. Its spirit can not be analysed. Many try to find its secret, like alchemists after gold. Others have it without even knowing, and do not even think they deserve it. Christian Dior glowed with that timely glory that France so dearly needs.” – Jean Cocteau.

Published by Abrams and penned by Florence Muller, former director and curator of the Union Francaise de Arts du Costume, Inspiration Dior is a glossy and luxurious 330 page book offering a comprehensive look into one of the world’s most cherished names in fashion.  It provides exclusive insight into Christian Dior’s magical sources of inspiration taken from the world of art, fashion and culture.

This elaborately illustrated book contains works of art, fashion drawings and sketches, archival photographs of the gowns and of fashion shows, and never-before-seen photos from the world of Christian Dior. It also features an array of contributions from respected art and fashion experts including Florence Müller, Edmonde Charles-Roux, John Galliano, Jacques Ranc and Frédéric Bourdellier.

What Dior wanted above all was to restore to women the joy, confidence, and feeling of being truly feminine. He wanted to shower them with flowers, colour, light, and perfume, bringing the dark war years to a end. And he succeeded magnificently. Every women henceforth dreamed of being a 'new Dior woman' who sparked admiration and desire, a woman of extraordinary elegance and total femininity who would face the future with serene confidence.”

{image credits: The Lavish Girl}

"Like a Pygmalion of elegance and enhanced femininity, Christian Dior magically distilled natural forms, turning dreams into reality.” –Florence Muller and Jacques Ranc.

Christian Dior was a visionary, and Inspiration Dior truly brings to life the poetry and magic of his aesthetics, his passion for flowers and whimsical gardens, and his love of parties and balls. It is a book that any style enthusiast would treasure.

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