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18 December 2013

Majestic shades of frozen pearl and glistening crystals work their magic on a handbag. Experience the vision of an Ice Princess in an enchanting snow universe with the "Little Wishes" Handbag Candy. 

The Land of Lavish is celebrating the holiday season by entering a world of enchantment. In today's venture, I am pleased to be sharing a DIY Handbag Candy adorned with all-over twinkling crystals and snowflake-toned glass pearls. You are cordially invited to bring regal, ladylike charm to your table with the "Little Wishes" Handbag Candy. 

So add a little magic to your favourite clutch and get crafty with this DIY Darling project as part of my new Handbag Candy series. It is sure to make a sparkling statement at festive celebrations.

You will need:
  • Pliers: Wire Loop Pliers, Regular Pliers & Flat-Nose Pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Beads: I used Glass Pearls (8mm), Crystal Round Facets (8mm), Crystal Oval Twists (18mm) & Sparkling Beads. 
  • Wire (make sure it is thick wire)
  • Jump Rings 
  • 2 x Lobster Clasps
  • Tube Crimpers (crimp bead)
  • Head Pins

What to do:
  1. Creating the handbag candy structure: Determine the desired length of your handbag accessory and add an extra 2.5 cm for leeway. Cut the wire to the desired length. 
  2. Attaching lobster clasp to jump ring: Grasp jump ring with pliers at opening and rotate pliers to open. Connect open jump ring onto the lobster clasp. Use pliers to close the first jump ring.
  3. Securing with an eye crimp: String crimp bead onto wire 1.25cm from the end. Slip wire through loop in jump ring, then back through crimp bead. Flatten bead closed with flat-nose pliers.
  4. Threading the beads: Thread beads on wire in a pattern you are happy with.  
  5. Securing the handbag candy: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to secure your beaded creation. 
  6. Accessorising the handbag candy: Add some magic to your basic handbag candy with dangly beads and charms. Thread beads into head pin leaving 1cm of post exposed. Roll the wire around wire loop pliers to make a loop. Gently push pliers down towards the part. 
  7. Attaching the extra candy: Attach the charms to a jump ring, and onto your handbag candy accessory.
  8. Decorating handbags: Add a little glam to your favourite clutch with your Handbag Candy creation. 
Now, you can feel like an Ice Princess with your very own "Little Wishes" Handbag Candy. It is sure to give your look an elegant talking point.
I have also created a video tutorial and if you decide to make your very own "Little Wishes" Handbag Candy, use the hashtag #DIYDarling on Twitter and Instagram so I can see your beautiful creations.

...as the first snowflake of the season begins to fall, make a holiday wish.

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