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16 December 2013

Positively delighted to introduce 'Handbag Candy', the newest DIY Darling series at The Land of Lavish. From glistening crystals, timeless pearls, intricate beading and vintage-inspired flowers, majestic accessories breathe new life into handbags.

Handbags are my most adored accessory. They make a great investment piece and can be a timeless staple to your wardrobe. Now, let your handbags steal the style spotlight with 'Handbag Candy'. From elegant crystal-work and copious amounts of pearls to playful gold chains and charming trinkets, take your beloved handbags to magical new heights.

What is 'Handbag Candy?'
I created the fashion term 'Handbag Candy' to describe the gorgeous accessories that adorn your handbags. They come in an assortment of different colours, textures, materials and styles to enhance any bag- clutches, satchels, shoulder bags, totes and mini bags.

How can I wear 'Handbag Candy?'
'Handbag Candy' is a versatile accessory with many styling options. It is the quickest way to game-change looks and can take your ensemble from basic to beautiful. Handbag Candy embellished with shimmering crystals can instantly glamorize a simple LBD. This accessory can be worn at every occassion- day, work, cocktail and evening.

As Coco Chanel once said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." 

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