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2 August 2013

Once upon a time, faraway in a magical forest, lived a girl who loved to host extravagant garden parties. "I'll bake frosting-swirled rose cupcakes, a layer cake made with wild berries, and scrumptious pistachio eclairs," said The Lavish Girl, "and I'll invite all the fairies of the Kingdom to the celebration." 

BRING an ethereal quality to your next celebration with an accessorised cake that is sure to keep your guests grinning ear to ear. In today’s post, I am delighted to share my first free printable reminiscent of childhood fairytales. Complete with a collection of vintage scripts, these fanciful flags are at once nostalgic and darling. They make the perfect accent to any dreamy tea party!

I placed these charming flags on a miniature vanilla layer cake made with fresh strawberries and pistachios. If you want to bake this delight, check out the recipe by Dulces Bocados. 

To make these delightful cake toppers,  simply print and cut out the design, fold them in half, and glue to bamboo skewers. 

Download the fairytale cake accessory HERE


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