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Australia / 5 July 2016

'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish

I love the feeling of blustery wind taking hold of me. When sweet, wild air reminds us what it's like to be free. To go nowhere and everywhere, and let our warrior hearts become nothing less than infinite.

I feel in every girl there is a spirit, a warrior, that if let go, would ride fearlessly upon the wind, chasing magic and moonlight, free in her wilderness.

Earth, wind and fire have inspired today’s style story at The Land of Lavish, a tale of two kindred spirits: a forest nymph and ethereal deer. Together we roam enchanted woodlands daintily sprinkled with leaves of Autumn’s remains in search of wonderment.  A prairie girl at heart, I’m wandering in a Victoriana floral maxi dress from Millie Mackintosh that I simply adore; it both lightweight and bohemian, flowing freely when the wind takes flight. For accessories, I’m wearing fringed booties from River Island, rings that I’ve collected from travels, and a festival tassel bag and hat from ASOS; a warrior princess’s dream outfit! Now, time to let your wild hearts wander.

'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish

“We are kindred spirits, forged in different fires but kindred.”  ~ Aaron Polson

'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish 'Warrior' by The Land of Lavish

Roaming through blustery winds and connecting with Earth and deer make me feel alive, free. These moments are captured in my short fashion film that you can watch above. I hope you enjoy it, and until next time, stay magical!

With love, Liana

Warrior 5 July 2016

What's In My Bag?

Australia / 10 June 2016

What's In My Bag?

What does a fairy girl carry inside her pretty and pink Furla Candy handbag? From beauty essentials to mementoes, girly stationery to pixie dust, discover the everyday items that I cannot live without.  

You can learn a lot about someone by peeking into his or her bag. Today at The Land of Lavish, I’m spilling out all of my handbag essentials that I carry in the newest addition to my wardrobe, my Furla Candy satchel. It’s pretty, pink and oh-so girly, perfect for a dreamer who lives life through rose coloured glasses. Click the play button below to watch!

I hope you enjoyed watching this little video, you can find more on my YouTube channel! I'm very curious, if you could carry absolutely anything inside your bag, what would it be? Comment down below and let your imagination run wild! Stay magical!

With love, Liana

What's In My Bag? 10 June 2016

Swing In Pink

Australia / 3 June 2016

Swing In Pink

She is quick, curious and strong. She lives life through rose-coloured glasses and dances to the rhythm of her heart. She carries pixie dust in her purse and leaves a little magic wherever she goes. She’s a dreamer and she swings in pink.

♫  ♪ Pink Shoelaces ~ The Chordettes

Today at The Land of Lavish we’re swaying in ladylike shades of pink. Whether blush rose or lavish magenta, pink has been making its wave in fashion as the new neutral, and I am utterly smitten by the idea of wearing monochromatic pink-on-pink outfits. Wandering through the grounds of a historic mansion, in this style story I’m wearing a scalloped hem mini shift dress from ASOS. It’s retro, chic and delightfully girly!  I paired it with the newest addition to my handbag collection, my Furla Candy satchel in ‘Winter Rose’ that I accessorised with my beloved heart locket and fluffy pompom charm. To complete the head-to-toe pretty and pink look, I'm wearing my favourite ASOS heels. La vie en rose.

Swing In Pink Swing In Pink Swing In Pink

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live what is happening.”  ~ Coco Chanel

Swing In Pink Swing In Pink Swing In Pink Swing In Pink

The most darling of all colours, pink never fails to make me feel oh-so girly. Wishing you a chic and pretty June, and, always, stay magical!

With love, Liana

Swing In Pink 3 June 2016

How To Be A Princess

Australia / 18 May 2016

How To Be A Princess

Princesses are graceful, kind and courageous. They love their kingdom with all their heart and let their beauty shine from within. To be a princess is to live a dream come true, to wear a crown with utmost pride and to let kindness be the guiding light towards making the world a magical place. 

♫  ♪ Kings Landing ~ Dimos Stathoulis

You are cordially invited to attend the Grand Ball tonight, and to help get you ready, here are ten enchanting lessons on how to release your true inner princess!

How To Be A Princess

1. Be Young Hearted
Have a young, loving heart. Upon waking, think of all the wonderful things you are grateful for, like flowers and sunshine. Each day is a gift, open it and explore enchantingly.

2. Radiate Beauty
Get ready to live your dream come true. Princesses always try to look their best, so pamper yourself and have fun with makeup. Apply mascara, blush or lipstick to enhance your favourite features. Be gentle, natural beauty’s the loveliest.

3. Make Wishes
Wish often and dream the improbable. Cast wishes on dandelions and stars, but don’t wait for fairy godmother to come around. As Walt Disney once said, “You have to think, believe, dream, and dare.” Go out into the world and make miracles happen.

4. Wear A Crown
Always hold your head up high and wear a crown with utmost pride. Good posture is very important so stand tall, keep your shoulders back and walk gracefully. Let your sparkly treasure represent your power within. After all, it’s not the tiara that makes the princess, it’s her kind soul.

5. Have Courage
Be brave and courageous, and fight for peace in your kingdom. Don’t let the cruel break your spirit, monsters are just dreamers with broken hearts, helpless, wanting our love. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and remember A.A. Milne’s wise words, “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

6. Dress Ladylike 
Be ladylike and dress up in delightfully girly fashion. Pair your glittery heels and ball gown with a charming smile. Words of advice: poise and elegance are forever in style.

7. Spread Kindness 
Kindness is a very important princess quality, and you must work on being kinder to others and yourself. Do good deeds, make friends with woodland animals and respect nature entirely. Random acts of kindness bring light into the world, you can make a difference.

8. Host A Tea Party
Have a royal tea party with all of your princess friends. Decorate a secret garden and serve oh-so-sweet delicacies like strawberries, lavender scones and miniature sandwiches.  Pinkies up.

9. Create Your Own Destiny
Be the hero of your life and create your own destiny. Fate lives within us, so pave your path and stay curious and open. A world of wonder awaits.

10. Live Happily Ever After
Go to the ball, find Prince charming, set your heart on fire and live passionately in your own fairytale. Wherever you go, go with all your heart. May you live, magically and happily ever after.

Click the play button below to watch my princess lessons in motion and discover more videos on my YouTube channel HERE, I'd love for you to join my fairytale adventures there!

Some girls are born princesses and others become them, but we all start somewhere. Being a true princess is more than marrying a prince, learning manners and wearing sparkly dresses. It’s about believing in your dreams, chasing magic, spreading kindness and moving forward with a passionate spirit.

I hope you enjoyed hearing these tips on how to be a princess. What do you believe is the most important princess quality? Please comment below, I’d love to hear, and stay magical!

With love, Liana

Heir To The Throne

Australia / 12 May 2016

Heir To The Throne

Fate is beckoning. A legend is coming to life. The starry-eyed damsel that nobody could tame must now meet her destiny. She must now take the throne.

Each day before nightfall, Princess Liana would often be seen voyaging barefoot through labyrinth gardens, playing hide and seek with woodland nymphs and writing letters to the moon and stars. All of the Kingdom and forest folk knew it, her wild heart didn’t need saving, not even from a noble Prince or knight in shining armour, but all heirs must take their seat.

♫  ♪ Live Like Legends ~ Ruelle 

Today we are roaming the grounds of an enchanted castle, a haven of magic in The Land of Lavish, surrounded by rose gardens and mystery. Across the chateau's winding twists and turns, I’m wandering in a pale-pink tulle maxi dress from Free People that matches my eternally dreamy state of mind. With its dainty straps, subtle rose pattern and sweeping silhouette, this dress is fit for a true princess, the kind you see in fairytales.  As all damsels love their crowns, I’m accessorising with a crystal and fresh water pearl embellished halo from design label Justin & Taylor. It was made exclusively for BHLDN, a vintage-inspired bridal boutique that I’m endlessly lusting over. This look is completed with a pearl pendant that I found in a little village store and a Swarovski ring. Now, shall we flutter with the butterflies in a regal castle? We shall.

Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne

“Magic tumbled from her golden locks each time Princess Liana whispered her dreams and wishes to the stars.”  ~ The Land of Lavish

Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne Heir To The Throne

I hope you enjoyed today’s regal and romantic inspired style story. Wishing my glowing dreamers a beautiful day, and, always, stay magical!

With love, Liana


Australia / 11 April 2016

Forest Nymph

Soft sunlight flickers through the foliage, the air is pure, and serenity is all around. Trees sway with sacred grace, and woodland creatures - the gnomes, elves, nixies and pixies – tumble through the ivy carpet, playing hide and seek with the forest fairy. They mixed potions and drank dandelion tea. 

When nightfall came, they hopped through the wind, faraway over the moon, where they would watch earthlings cast wishes on shooting stars. Each wish cast, you see, gave them their energy, life and . . . magic!  

♫  ♪ Away With The Fairies ~ Tom Rosenthal 

Today at The Land of Lavish we’re floating through the kingdom’s lush evergreen with a style story reminiscent of fairy folklore. Wandering across the enchanted woodlands, I’m wearing an ivory maxi dress from ASOS that’s drenched in pure romance and feminine mystique. Its delicate embroidery and vintage lace detailing give this piece a dreamy, ethereal quality that only deepens my trance into this imaginary reign called Fairyland. Lost in this world of my own making, I braided my tumbling blonde hair to the sound of bluebird lullaby, frolicked with fellow nymphs and danced till the sun set. The rest is rust and stardust, so now it’s time to wander and look out for the nearby fairy!

Forest Nymph Forest Nymph Forest Nymph

“The forest and I was all there was. In the deep still silence I could feel the Earth's beating heart.” ~ Wren (FJ Rouse)

Forest Nymph Forest Nymph

The woodlands always hold a special place in my heart. Each time I roam their ivy-covered paths I feel most alive, free like a drop of fresh water, only bordered by my daydreams. Wherever you are in the world, I hope you feel this magic, the feeling of floating fearlessly in your own peaceful land. So, until next time, stay magical! 

With love, Liana
FOREST NYMPH 11 April 2016


Australia / 3 April 2016

Meet Liana

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Liana Rose who spent her days wishing upon dandelions, eating forest berries and dreaming of wild adventure. Magical dreamers, it’s time to get to know each other a bit better! 

Today at The Land of Lavish I'm happy to be sharing 10 little facts about yours truly. I'm talking passions, kittens, tea, fairytales and more. Please click the play button below to watch, I really hope you enjoy my first sit down video!

I'd love to hear some facts about you in the comments too, please do share, and always, stay magical.

With love, Liana
10 FACTS ABOUT ME 3 April 2016


Australia / 8 March 2016

A Fine Romance

To twirl and enchant. To capture and move. To play dress-up and make believe. When we’re young, we dream of the most fantastical things: becoming ballerinas, dancing amongst sugar plum fairies and frolicking in fluttery tulle numbers.  
♫  ♪ Dream Lover ~ Dion

There’s something so utterly enchanting about ballerinas. Courageous and graceful, delicate and ethereal, they capture your heart and leave you dreaming of floating away to fairytale villages and castles in girly tutus and silk ballet slippers.

Today The Land of Lavish pirouettes into the romantic world of dance with an oh-so-charming ‘Ballerina Girl’ style story. Living out your inner childhood fantasy of becoming a ballerina has never been so fashionable. Designers and fashion labels are showcasing their love for ballet-inspired clothing with collections fit for a princess. As soon as I came across this Coppelia Ballet Dress from Needle & Thread, I was enchanted.   The fitted bodice is intricately embellished with glittering silver beads, making this dress soft, feminine and delicate; a blush rose in full bloom. Here, it intermingles with my pretty and pink wardrobe and Bloch ballet slippers. Now, time to channel your inner ballerina girl!

A Fine Romance A Fine Romance A Fine Romance A Fine Romance A Fine Romance

“Allow the subtle things to be glorious. Flip fear into courage. Sweetly anticipate nothing in particular. Be rocked and riveted by the “ordinary.” Think poetically. Look for the beauty. Create magic. Be love.” ~ Victoria Erickson

A Fine Romance A Fine Romance A Fine Romance A Fine Romance

They say “dancing is creating a sculpting that is visible only for a moment.” I think the beauty of ballet lasts eternally, and will forever make little girls dream of becoming ballerinas.

With love, Liana


Australia / 3 February 2016

Coming Up Roses

My heart's fluttering up, up and away like a butterfly. All I see is roses, wild, romantic roses, in shades of rose quartz and serenity. Enchantment is far and wide. My dreams are turning pink and mystical, and, I’m rosy-eyed.
♫  ♪ Love You Strongly ~ Amy Stroup

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, it seems that the world is growing more and more beautiful. Allure, romance, excitement . . . can you feel the magic in the air? I certainly can, and it makes me want to drift away to queenly castles and French chateaus, the kind only imaginable in love stories. 

The sight of roses always leaves me starry-eyed. One of my favourite flowers, they finally infused their way into my wardrobe in the form of an uber girly creation.  In this style story, I’m feeling like a modern day Marie Antoinette in my candy-coloured rose printed dress from ASOS. It is romantic, feminine and perfectly blends PANTONE’s Colour of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. If you follow my Instagram chronicles, then you will have already heard about my obsession with cute faux fur pompoms. Today I’m wearing them on my pink ASOS heels and as a charm to my YesStyle purse. Whenever you feel your outfit needs a little something, just add a pompom!   Now, wander through a rosy daydream to the sound of your fleeting heart.

Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”  Elinor Glyn

Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses Coming Up Roses

Call me a flowerchild, but I am eternally wonderstruck by the sight of roses. Wishing you a wildly wonderful February filled with enchantment, enduring love and copious amounts of roses. Stay magical!

With love, Liana
COMING UP ROSES 3 February 2016